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Rules & Regulations



Click the document for the latest copy of the KF Rec Rules & Regulations Booklet.


Food and Drink

NO individual to bring into the Facility any type of food or drink (other than prescribed for a medical condition). Each team participating in an Event may bring into the Facility one (1) forty-eight (48) quart ice chest with food and drink for players
and coaches use per day.


Alcoholic Beverages

NO individual to bring into the Facility any alcoholic beverages of any kind.


NO individual to use any type of tobacco products in the Facility, including e-cigarettes, e-pipes, vapes and similar devices.


NO individual to bring into the Facility any weapons, firearms or any materials, substances, equipment or objects which are likely to endanger the life of, or cause bodily injury to, any person in the Facility or which are likely to constitute a hazard
to property therein.

Signs and Decorations 

NO individual shall, nor allow others to, staple, nail, or otherwise affix signs or decorations onto any surface in a manner so as to damage fences, walls, floors, windows, or other surfaces or furnishings of the Facility. All signs and decorations shall be placed only within the designated area for signs and decorations. All signs and decorations must be
removed immediately after the conclusion of the activity or activities for which the signs or
decorations were displayed and in all cases at the conclusion of the Event.

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